UK & European Pet Travel Checklist

Family vacations and long-term travel no longer need to exclude the family dog or cat. Traveling with pets can be similar to traveling with children, with some preparation and planning. Please see below for a small guide to help make things easier for both yourself, and your pet.

Your pets will need:

  • ISO Standard Microchip (Your pet must be microchipped before it’s vaccinated against rabies. The vaccination won’t count for travel if your pet isn’t microchipped first)
  • Rabies Vaccine – EU and listed countries
  • Rabies Vaccine and blood test – Unlisted countries
  • UK or EU issued Pet Passport (New style if issued after 29th Dec 2014)
  • Third Country Official Certificate – if entering the EU or UK from a listed or an unlisted non-EU Country
  • Tapeworm -This applies to dogs only before entering the UK
  • Declaration – Confirming non sale or transfer of ownership

Documents needed for travel

Pet Travel SchemePet PassportDefra

Please click on the Defra logo to find out your pets requirements for their journey abroad, if you are unsure please do not hesitate to contact us.

Passport Issues

Is your Pet Passport up-to-date? If not and you need to return to the UK in a hurry your pet will need transporting to a Quarantine premises by an approved AHVLA carrier.

Both of our vehicles have been passed for this purpose by a veterinary officer from the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency.

We can collect from Ports and Airports throughout the UK and transport your pet in comfort to a pre-arranged quarantine approved premises.

A few example images