UK and European Cat Transport and Relocation

Pets2go2 are specialists in providing UK & European Cat relocation and Cat transport services in our specially equipped animal transport vehicles.

Cats are transported in our compartments with a vet bed and litter tray. Fresh water is also provided for the duration of the trip. Your cat is welcome to travel with their own bed or blanket for comfort. Cats are fed at night when the vehicle is parked for our overnight break.

Scratching pads/posts or cat igloos for our kittens and puppies are available upon request. We also provide pet heat pads for extra warmth during the winter months if required however our night heater provides sufficient warmth to the vehicle throughout the night. Small toys are kept on board but favourites are welcome.

Cat Carrier

If you choose to provide a cat carrier for your cat to travel in inside the compartment please ensure this is no larger than 31 x 51 x 34cm in size as it will NOT fit and unfortunately we will not be able to take it. (Please see example from Pets At Home).

A few example images