Pet Grooming Salon

Julie and Laraine welcome you to Pets 2 Go 2 Grooming Salon, Pevensey Bay.

Upon arrival, you and your dog will be met with a relaxed and friendly environment and your dog will be treated as part of the family whilst in our care.

Pet Grooming Salon Eastbourne

Mission Statement

  • To make your dog look as beautiful or handsome as we possibly can taking into consideration ‘Humanity before Vanity’.
  • To create a happy and supportive environment for you and your dog.
  • To give your dog a positive and friendly experience by paying special attention to their needs and feelings.

We pride ourselves on grooming each dog at their own pace, paying particular attention to their individual needs. We provide regular comfort breaks throughout the groom and lots of reassurance, affection and doggie treats!

At Pets 2 Go 2 Grooming we do not advocate the use of restraints allowing your dog to express normal canine behaviours and treating them as the individual that they are.

We provide an extensive range of products (including natural products) which we use during the groom process. We take into consideration the individual requirements of each dog and the owner.

A Health Check is always carried out and feedback provided to the owner on completion of the groom.

In the rare instance that your dog presents as in pain, severely matted or if their age or health condition prevents the groom from continuing, then the process will be stopped and we will call you to discuss any alternative options.

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